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Miscellaneous small CEDET tools:

The CEDET distribution contains a "common" area for small tools used throughout the larger tools. Some interesting ones are:

  • inversion - Package level versioning system.
  • mode-local - Mode Local variables and functions.
  • working - A busy meter.
  • cedet-autogen - Autoload generators extended for eieio and semantic.
  • ezimage - Simple way to declare and display images in all versions of Emacs.
  • pulse - Fancy overlay color pulsing.
  • pprint - Pretty printer for Emacs Lisp values.
  • data-debug - Data structure browser and debugger.
  • cedet-files - Directory name conversion to reversable file names.
  • cedet-global - Simple GNU Global integration tool.
  • cedet-idutils - Simple ID Utils integration tool.
  • cedet-cscope - Simple CScope integration tool.

Other Miscellaneous Emacs Hacks at this web site:

For lack of any other home, here are several other tools that are NOT a part of CEDET, but are written by me (Eric).

Checkdoc is a program which checks the style of your documentation strings and comments. Useful if you want to keep other Emacs Lisp gurus from picking on you.

C-Parse is an Emacs Lisp program which can parse a c file, and allows searching for functions, variables, and types. CParse is no longer supported. It's tools will be ported to Semantic.

X11 lib calls for Emacs, V 0.3a Imagine the binary network interface for X windows implemented in Emacs Lisp. Is it useful? Silly? I dunno, but it was fun to play with. No documentation. Byte compile it, load "xhello.el" and run the function `XX' for the simple demo.

Newer versions of this X package are in CVS, and can be downloaded from the very nifty XWEM project (Window manager written in Emacs Lisp). You can download that from XWEM home page.

Hangman game for Emacs. About as simple as it gets.

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