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UML Diagrams

CEDET lets you create UML diagrams either by hand, or automatically generate simple 3-tier class diagrams from your sources. The diagrams are linked to your source-code, so you can browse quickly through you code from the convenience of UML.

The image to the right shows CEDET's UML tool's source code, called COGRE, diagramming and browsing itself. Optional unicode character support is enabled for the special characters.

You can create your own connected graph with COGRE using the command:

M-x cogre RET

You can insert nodes and link them together.

To create a diagram from source code using Semantic generated tags, you can use the command:

M-x cogre-uml-quick-class RET

This will generate a diagram with 3 tiers. The class you select will be in the middle. You can then browse through your code by selecting items in the class diagram.

If you use a recent version of Emacs, you can enable unicode character support for line-drawing by adding this to your .emacs file.


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