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Getting the development version from Git

Like Emacs, CEDET is using Git as its version control system. The easiest way to get a checkout of the current development version is to do

git clone http://git.code.sf.net/p/cedet/git cedet
This will create a directory "cedet" containing a checkout of the latest sources. If you later want to update your sources, enter the directory and simply call
git pull

Read the file GIT_WORKFLOW for further instructions, especially if you plan on hacking cedet, submitting patches, etc.

You can also browse the repository online at Sourceforge's Git viewer. You can also download ZIP snapshots there, in case you cannot use Git for some reason.

CEDET Buildbot

CEDET uses Buildbot to automatically check the latest revision for compile errors. CEDET also ships with a bunch of unit and integration tests, which are also run by the Buildbot, on different platforms as well as with different Emacs versions. Here's the status for the latest revision; if everything's green this means that CEDET should build fine with the named Emacs versions and platforms:

Emacs 23.2 GNU/Linux Emacs 24.1 GNU/Linux Emacs 24.3 GNU/Linux Emacs trunk GNU/Linux

If there's something red there, we know about it and it should be fixed soonish.

A more detailed view can be seen here.