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Eric Ludlam:

Who is this guy?

Eric is the original author and current maintainer of the CEDET project and maintainer of these web pages.

Eric grew up in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts amongst the local farms. He then graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Computer Science. While there, he first started hacking Emacs, and released Emacs Talk in the early 90s.

These days, Eric works as a manager of software engineers on MATLAB Handle Graphics at The MathWorks where, in spare moments, he maintains matlab.el, a major mode for writing and debugging Matlab M files. He also manages to create useful graphics tools which are available on MATLAB Central. The MATLAB Central homepage for Eric proclaims his loyalties.

In those other spare moments, he hacks code in the CEDET Emacs project.

For fun in the Analog World, Eric is captain of Team Tormentum, a group of software engineers who build Catapults for Pumpkin Throwing contests.

Eric and his team have had several appearances on TV or movies. We first appeared on the American History Channel on a show called Modern Marvels where we threw water mellons with a trebuchet. We later appeared on a show called Man, Moment, Machine where we threw rocks at a wooden barricade. You can also buy a movie called Flying Pumpkins where we are briefly featured amongst several other teams. Most recently, I got to hang out with R. Lee Ermey throwing water melons for Lock N' Load. Hoo Rah!

Read more of the same on Eric's Catapult Bio page.

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You are in range!

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