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Emacs Lisp Source Style Checker

Checkdoc is a utility useful for checking the style of your Emacs Lisp files. The styles examined were gleaned from the Emacs Lisp manual and logical extensions.

Currently doc strings are the most extensivly checked for style, including:

Running Checkdoc
  1. First line a complete sentence
  2. Proper user of keyboard nmumonics
  3. Proper whitespace and formatting
  4. Proper use of symbol `quoting'
  5. Proper variable names
  6. Proper function argument reference.
  7. Verb tense (for a select group of words)
  8. Spelling

Checkdoc has extended tests for rogue whitespace (at the end of lines), error text style, and comment styles. (Comment style hooks into lisp-mnt.el:lm-verify.)

Checkdoc's style checking engines are all accessible through `checkdoc-minor-mode' which provides keybindings to remind you of your stylistic errors as you write your code, and preventing long annoying sessions of checking all your documentation.

Downloading checkdoc

Checkdoc is now a part of both Emacs and XEmacs. The versions of checkdoc within GNU Emacs are more recent than those provided here.

You can download the last release I provided:


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