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C-Parse has languished for quite some time, and is no longer supported. Instead, please see The Semantic Bovinator for all your C parsing and mangling needs.

If you would like to help me port some cparse tools to semantic, please send me mail.

C-Parse for Emacs

An emacs lisp program which can parse a c file, and allows searching for functions, variables, and types. Additionally it has a prototype manager, and a comment generator for lazy programmers stuck in large companies with strict commenting rules.

Bug fixes 0.4 (May 22) include fixed README sample code for install, and better space fixing for prototype and comments for some C coding styles.

New features in version 0.3 (release May 17th) include better handling of arrays, static/local prototypes, and more comment expansion values.

Downloading C-Parse

You can download the last stable release at:


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