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Visual Studio style bookmarks

The Visual Studio bookmarking system (As of Visual Studio version 5 anyway) consists of a few simple keystrokes that will plop a few visible markers in the file you are editing. You can then jump around between them.

Using the linemark.el sample library written to use EIEIO a system similar to the Visual Studio bookmark system was easy to write.

Here's how it works

First, make sure you have EIEIO installed. It must have a version of the linemark.el library installed. Next load linemark, and use the command:

M-x enable-visual-studio-bookmarks
Key BindingAction
F2Toggle a bookmark on an off.
Shift F2Go Backward to previous bookmark.
Ctrl F2Go to next bookmark
Ctrl Shift F2Clear all bookmarks in this file.


The Visual Studio bookmark emulation uses the linemark library, so it has all the advantages of this library. Bookmarks are remembered when a buffer is killed, and are restored when you return to that buffer later. (Though not between Emacs Sessions.)
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